We can find Potrerillos dam in its own valley, surrounded by the pre andes range, having an amazing and privileged view of the main frontal range, with peaks between 4000 Mts up to 6000 Mts. Water is as pure as it gets after melting and coming down from the vasts glaciers located up in the wild altitudes.

Trip duration: 2Hs
Customizable route by you.
Navigation time: 1:30Aprox
Difficulty level: Easy, no need of previous experience. Minimum age for the activity is 5.
Dates: Year round.
Characteristics: Every trip is done with a guide. Open kayak sit on top style. Simple or double, easy to handle. Minimal fiscal needs. Rocky areas to jump and swim. Flooded forest to discover, amazing beaches to enjoy the sun and relax.
General recommendations: Designed for families or couples and friends, willing to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.