Potrerillos Explorer



Boutique company, leader in personalized service. Made the difference since the very beginning in the business. Worked among the best most technical rivers around the globe. Our service is always warm, personal, friendly and always looking for adventure.

Always focused on every detail, respect being a top priority among us, our clients and the environment. Our goal is keeping our wild areas protected, sharing what we do in them with our clients, passing through, knowledge about wild areas protection, our cultural and historical treasures.


If we talk about another bonus for PE is that, we have the best gear in the area, with international standards in every bit of our equipment, Clothing and rafts.

In PE we know that keeping our rafters warm, comfy and safe, make things easier and enjoyable.

Wet suit, neopreno boots, splash jacket, PFD (personal flotation device), helmet and paddle. Every time a ride is over the clothing is washed, disinfected and dried waiting for the next ride.


In PE we care about you taking home your adventures, that’s why we have the best and first video & photo service, taking pics the whole time from the heights, plus video on board in every rapid with our Go Pros.


Safety is a top priority in outdoor activities. Each one of PE services are previously planned, tested and molded for each host, having safety kayaks the whole water time, at least two professional guides, first aid kit, replacement kit and tools, phone. Our external vehicle, which let us when we start, keeps track of the action the whole time from the road above us.

Potrerillos explorer

Manzana K Casa 4 - Mendoza / Argentina GPS: -32.959914,-69.200017 | Tel: +54 9 2616538204 / +54 9 2616095197 | Email: info@potrerillosexplorer.com