Potrerillos Explorer


Boutique outdoor company specialized in white water rafting, trip planners. Lovers of what we do, and thankful of being able to do it at home.

We grew up working towards tourism service, adapting our constant changes country wise, receiving more and more tourists and learning about different commercial targets. We focused in offering the best, always innovating, sharing, learning and of course enjoying with our clients.


Graduated and always getting better, trained and certified in what we do. Details are what make the difference , that’s why we take special care in every single operation, being safety a priority for our clients.

PE guides are our engine, being the most important part in it. They always have to level up, for our clients to have the ultimate experience.

International experience, special skills, bilingual, general knowledge, leadership, responsibility and love for what they do. These are some of the details that make our staff the main beam in PE.


Quality over quantity, each one of our single services is fully personalized for each activity. Specialized in small groups, we take the chance of sharing time with each one of our hosts.

PE brings to their clients, the most extensive and professional equipment. First class required for the type of activity we do. All sizes for anyone to come and enjoy.

Photo/Video service.

In PE we think the best way to organize our trips is, building each activity at your own taste, availabilities, needs and intentions. We also have the private tour mode.

Potrerillos explorer

Manzana K Casa 4 - Mendoza / Argentina GPS: -32.959914,-69.200017 | Tel: +54 9 2616538204 / +54 9 2616095197 | Email: info@potrerillosexplorer.com